new york driver’s license under 21 how to tell if your fake id scans

new york driver’s license under 21 how to tell if your fake id scans

App spots fake IDs

  Russell Hanna, the chief of enforcement for Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control, says his agency started using the app during the summer of 2016.  Hanna explains authentic info from a real license barcode is often replicated and used on countless fake IDs but while the information on the front of the license may look legitimate, the barcode is difficult to re-create and contains information that does not match up.

  According to Hanna, most young people purchase fake ID’s online, including some from China. He says the quality of today’s fakes are so convincing his agents often spent nearly ten minutes calling and verifying each ID.


  According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, just over 12 percent of college freshmen from a large Midwestern university reported owning a fake ID for the purpose of obtaining alcohol. That number grew to over 30 percent at the end of sophomore year for the same class.

  Businesses have been using the app for a little over a year. The primary idea behind the technology is to keep age restricted products out of the hands of those who cannot legally buy them, but with a variety of licenses from all over the United States it is hard to keep up with changes. Victor Pittman, president of Silver Leaf Wines and Spirits in Ridgeland, Miss.,  told

  “If they change a format or some positioning in their drivers licenses there’s no way for us to know,” he said.

  The technology shows promise but it’s not 100 percent perfect.


  “We’ve had a few, very very limited number, that it said was good and they were not,” Hanna said. “We found out they were not good by some other means,” Hanna said.

  Intellicheck works with DMVs around the country to identify newly developed fake IDs.

  “We re-do our software to catch the new points of quality that they put in to make that almost indistinguishable from an authentic license,” Roof added.

  The developers of the app say that the company adheres to FBI security guidelines since the technology involves personal data.  Intellicheck also added that it does not keep any personal info, however businesses may keep information if they decide to ban a person from their establishment.


  The app isn’t something anyone can download from the App Store. William Roof, CEO and president of Intellicheck, says there’s a process in place to make sure businesses and law enforcement gain access.

  “We’ll vet you and make sure you’re an authentic business,” Roof said. “Then you download the app and it’s a monthly subscription fee [with] unlimited scans.”

  The app can be downloaded through Apple’s Business to Business (B2B) app store and an Android app is currently being developed.

  So far, hundreds of businesses are currently using the app and North Carolina’s alcohol enforcement agency has adopted its use as well. The app could soon be used by over a dozen different state law enforcement agencies who are currently exploring its use.

  The same technology behind Age ID is also used to prevent fraud in the retail industry and safeguard the country’s ports and military bases. A similar app called Defense ID is used to safeguard 23 army installations and 16 U.S. ports and high-end retailers such as Helzberg Diamonds use the Retail ID app to prevent fraudulent purchases and returns, according to Initellicheck. The technology could potentially help improve a retailer’s bottom line.  Data compiled by the National Retail Federation states return fraud and abuse was between $9.1 and $15.9 billion for 2015. There are also potential Homeland Security uses in the future.

Fake ID Scanning App Tested by Police

  Age ID, a fake ID scanning app, is being utilized by the Greenville Police Department (GPD), Alcoholic Law Enforcement (ALE) and Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to test the accuracy of the app, according to a news report.

  The Age ID app is used to identify fake or questionable IDs, by scanning the barcode of the ID and by notifying the police officer if th ID is fake, questionable or real.

  Local ALE and ABC officers also have access to the Age ID app, in addition to some of the members of the GDP. East Carolina University’s Police Department are considering using the app, but are still considering the cost and effectiveness.

  Fake IDs are a threat to the people who possess them and pose a threat on innocent people whose information is being used fraudulently, according to the report.

What do ID Scanners Display After Scanning Your ID?

  We explain what the technology is doing in the background when you scan an ID. Simply put, we know ID scanning. We have been at it since 2003, and we were the first ones to bring mobile ID scanning on iOS devices to the market. You’ll often hear us talking about what ID scanning can do for you: catch fake IDs, prevent fraud, increase security, and simply make life easier in any number of ways. But what actually happens when you scan an ID? A good question.

  We pair our software with the best mobile and desktop hardware—ID scanners for short. You may already know this, but all of the information seen on the front of a state-issued ID or driver’s license is contained in a 2D barcode on the back. When an ID scanner reads this barcode, it extracts all the information printed on its frontside.

  An ID scanner, at its core, is a barcode scanner. Most mobile scanners come with a default barcode reader app. When used with this built-in software, as opposed to our specialized software, the scanner will extract the raw barcode information and show the data on it’s screen. Desktop scanners cannot be used without some kind of software.

  When used with software, ID scanners become powerful tools that detect with complete accuracy whether an ID is real or fake.’s software, for example, parses the information in the barcode. Parsing goes a few steps further than simply extracting data from the barcode. After an ID is scanned,’s software compares the ID’s fields to the field format for all IDs from that state. uses a comprehensive library of IDs and a powerful algorithm that adds ID format changes when created, updated, or recognized.

  For example, if the fields [First Name], [Middle Name], and [Last Name] are three separate fields with a unique format on the Louisiana ID, and a “Louisiana ID” is scanned with a middle initial followed by a period, then the ID is recognized as fake.

  In addition to ID parsing, software runs calculations to determine age and expiration authenticity.

  One scan will capture the date of birth and expiration date on the ID. Then the software will calculate from the scan date whether the ID is expired (if the expiration date is in the past), or if the ID holder is at least a certain age (18 or 21, for example).

  When paired with auto-capture software, WizzForms, selected ID fields and information may be automatically parsed and uploaded into existing POS or interfaces. This software reduces human error and saves time uploading customer information into business systems.

  ID scanners range from desktop to mobile devices to using a scanning app on a smartphone. They can be cloud / wifi based or standalone, depending on business needs.

  It is important to note the exact type of documents that specific scanners can read, as scanners can vary from accepting almost universal documents including state IDs, driver’s licenses, passports, international IDs, and green cards, to only accepting singular document types such as membership cards.

  It is also important to note the type of barcode on the document that requires scanning. Common barcodes types include:

  1D: Commonly referred to as linear barcodes and used across enterprise operations 2D (includes PDF417 and QR Code): Represent more data per unit area than 1D barcodes PDF417 barcodes appear on paper boarding passes and state-issued identification cards Magnetic Stripe: Displayed as a solid line rather than a series of parallel lines. Stores a limited amount of information such as an account number, student ID number Magnetic stripes commonly appear on gift cards, student ID cards, and loyalty/membership cards’s software pairs on any type of scanner suited to a business’s needs. To browse the different types of scanners available on the market, view mobile hardware and desktop hardware. To speak with an ID scan team member to discuss the most effective scanner for your specific environment, email or call 888-430-8936.

new york driver’s license under 21 how to tell if your fake id scans