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fake credit card visa number the irregular at magic high school

Mahouka koukou no rettousei

  Personally, I'd give Season One 8 *

  and Season Two 3 *

  After reading some reviews, it seems like anime watchers today fall into 2 different camps: people that enjoy novels, and people that enjoy mindless action flicks. I fall into the first category. I loved season 1, for it gave the world and characters depth, while season 2 opted to skip details and give you plenty of scenery.Season 1:

  This series is filled with what someone else has described as "technobabble". In a magical society, care has been taken to explain the science behind the mystery, so that things don't just "magically" happen. For a work where everything is magic, the scientific logic is well conceived. Since a lot of what happens onscreen is related to how magic actually works in this world, these explanations are necessary, and I find it quite enjoyable.The story follows Tatsuya Shiba, who is the polar opposite of Naruto. Ironically, people who dislike Naruto probably also dislike Tatsuya, but I liked them both. The general audience seem to conceive him as "perfect", however, that he certainly is not. The anime hints at this, but you'd have to look up the novel it's based off of to actually find out that he has a major personality problem. Tatsuya ends up resolving a lot of major crisis that occur around the school, a lot of which actually happen because of him. In fact, because of who he is, Tatsuya invites trouble. Through the story, his capability does not change, but as the events become bigger and bigger, in the end you find out just powerful he really is. Again, ironically, this one-man-army concept is also something action flicks enthusiasts have no problem with when it's in an action flick. While Tatsuya is certainly a powerhouse. His problems are personal and political in nature, and cannot be solved with just that. However, at the end of season 1, all we had was a brief journey, and Tatsuya's problems were not really revealed or resolved.Season 2:

  This series was designed to cater to the action flick crowd. Almost nothing is explained and scenes consist of Tatsuya shooting his CAD at things just to shoot at them. Most of the show revolves around giving you action scenes, or giving you low level fan service. Almost every episode manages to squeeze in fan service in some shape or form.In its effort to provide gratification, very little background is given to the story. They're in such a rush that they do not bother to set the mood, and you're thrust from scene to scene with little or no explanation. A lot of the times, they even offhandly give you a 1 or 2 liner about what happened offscreen to get to the current point in time. Details are just non-existent, so that the audience can try to figure it out themselves, or don't, since we're only actually interested in people trying to kill each other. I can only hope that this was done in an attempt to squeeze 20 episodes of content into 13, but based on reception, maybe this was intentional.Many new characters are thrown into this season, none of which are given any introduction. There's plenty of character development, all of which was done off screen, so you don't actually see any. Now that I think about it, this is just like those flashback episodes you get in the middle of long shows telling you what happened through 50 episodes in the timespan of 2.

The Irregular at Magic High School


  Translated title








  Enrollment Arc (I)

  July 10, 2011


  April 19, 2016


  April 2095, the siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba begin their first day at First High School, one of the nine magic high schools in Japan; the school segregates its students as first course or second course based on overall magic ability. Miyuki is considered a prodigy within first course, and is recruited as a member of the Student Council, while Tatsuya faces scorn and prejudice alongside his peers in the second course. A scuffle caused by a first course student reveals Tatsuya’s ability to predict magic before it is cast, causing him to be recruited by the Disciplinary Committee through Miyuki’s endorsement; in order to defend Miyuki’s honor, Tatsuya displays his combat abilities to the Student Council, proving his competency as an enforcer. Shortly after, Tatsuya intervenes in a scuffle between the kendo and kenjutsu clubs and overwhelms the latter with his physical abilities.


  Enrollment Arc (II)

  August 10, 2011


  August 23, 2016


  Tatsuya garners the attention of an anti-magician organization called Blanche, who send a classmate named Sayaka Mibu to recruit him. After Tatsuya declines her invitation, Blanche invades First High to steal its research. Tatsuya and friends foil their attempt and attacks their headquarters in return. Learning that the head of Blanche used mind controlling magic on Sayaka and other student collaborators, Tatsuya was able to establish their innocence, absolving them of any crime.


  Nine School Competition Arc (I)

  November 10, 2011


  December 20, 2016


  July 2095, the Nine School Competition is Japan’s national sporting event which pits the nine magic schools against each other. Miyuki is elected as a contestant while Tatsuya reluctantly joins the team as an engineer. During the competition, an international criminal syndicate named No Head Dragon makes several attempts to rig the contest by sabotaging First High, which eventually injures their teammate, Mari Watanabe. With Miyuki forced to substitute for her, Tatsuya enlists the help of his friends to assist in his investigation before Miyuki becomes a target of sabotage.


  Nine School Competition Arc (II)

  December 10, 2011


  April 18, 2017


  It is revealed No Head Dragon has placed bets on the competition and require First High to lose. Tatsuya, Leonhard Saijo, and Mikihiko Yoshida are substituted in as players after No Head Dragon injures the original First High team for the Monolith Code competition, and under Tatsuya’s leadership they are able to win first place. After catching a member of No Head Dragon attempting to sabotage Miyuki’s equipment, Tatsuya retaliates by killing every member of the organization based within Japan. The competition concludes with First High achieving first place overall.


  Summer Vacation Arc +1

  April 10, 2012


  August 22, 2017


  July 2095, several characters’ summer vacations are highlighted. Most notably: Tatsuya and friends spend the day at Shizuku Kitayama’s private resort; Masaki Ichijo and Shinkuro Kichijoji reflect on their defeat by Tatsuya; and Tatsuya recalls shopping with Miyuki at the mall. Afterwards, First High clubs begin planning their officer successions and Tatsuya is asked to convince Azusa Nakajou to become the next Student Council president.


  Yokohama Disturbance Arc (I)

  July 10, 2012


  December 19, 2017


  October 2095, Tatsuya is asked to partake in the school’s thesis competition. At the same time, his step-mother places an OOPart capable of storing magic into his care. Chen Xiangshan, a military captain from the Great Asian Alliance, leads a team in order to steal the OOPart. During the course of the novel, two First High students affiliated with Chen are detained by authorities after they were caught stealing information from First High’s thesis project.


  Yokohama Disturbance Arc (II)

  September 10, 2012


  March 27, 2018


  The thesis competition begins in Yokohama where an army led by Chen initiates their attack. During the battle, Tatsuya’s power and military status is revealed to his close peers; the battle concludes with Tatsuya using matter detonation, a level magic, to destroy the invading naval ship and subsequently an entire Great Asian Alliance harbor.


  Reminiscence Arc

  December 10, 2012


  June 26, 2018


  November 2095 & August 2092, Maya Yotsuba summons Tatsuya and Miyuki to discuss recent events. Miyuki reminisces how she and Tatsuya reached their current status quo. Three years ago, Tatsuya, Miyuki, their mother Miya, and a bodyguard named Hoonami Sakurai were vacationing in Okinawa. There, Miyuki warms up to Tatsuya, and Tatsuya develops a friendship with then Captain Kazama Harunobu. During that time, an invasion by the Great Asian Alliance results in Hoonami’s death, and is resolved with Tatsuya’s matter detonation. Back in the present, Maya warns Tatsuya that his matter detonation has garnered the attention of the United States of North America (USNA).


  Visitor Arc (I)

  March 10, 2013


  September 18, 2018


  December 2095, following a black hole experiment in the USNA, deserters from the military flee to Japan. The Stars military unit pursue in order to execute the deserters and investigate the magician behind matter detonation. Angelina Kudo Shields infiltrates First High to spy on Tatsuya and Miyuki. As the story progresses, the deserters’ abnormal abilities and activities garner the interest of Japan’s magic clans. After confronting Angelina and one of the deserters, Tatsuya trades his silence for her information.


  Visitor Arc (II)

  June 7, 2013


  December 18, 2018


  Tatsuya deduces the deserters are possessed by sentient psychic energy beings which came from the magic dimension during the black hole experiment and are dubbed as parasites. When one of the parasites enters First High, it is defeated by Tatsuya’s group and possess the android known as Pixy; the parasite is imprinted with Honoka’s feelings and decides to serve Tatsuya. Meanwhile, the USNA suspect Tatsuya is the one behind matter detonation and orders Angelina to assassinate him.


  Visitor Arc (III)

  August 10, 2013


  March 19, 2019


  Tatsuya defeats Angelina while the Yotsuba clan forces Stars to stand down. Knowing that the eleven other parasites will attempt to retrieve Pixy, Tatsuya’s group uses her as bait. Several magic clans attempt to capture the parasites resulting in a large-scale battle. This concludes with Tatsuya and Miyuki destroying nine of the parasites, leaving the remaining two in the custody of the Kudo and Yotsuba clan. As Tatsuya and Miyuki enter their second year, Maya has Minami Sakurai assigned to be Miyuki’s bodyguard.


  Double Seven Arc

  October 10, 2013


  June 18, 2019


  April 2096, Tatsuya and Miyuki’s second year begins. A student named Takumi Shippou holds a displaced grudge towards the Saegusa twins, Kasumi and Izumi, causing conflict throughout the novel. Eventually, Takumi’s arrogance is quelled by Tatsuya and friends. Meanwhile, Zhou Gongjin and the Saegusa clan cooperate to have the media denounce the magicians of Japan by scapegoating First High, but backfires when Tatsuya learns of their plans and demonstrates the concepts of a magician operated power source. By coincidence, Tatsuya also foils an attack on a famous actress while dealing with Takumi.


  Steeplechase Arc

  April 10, 2014


  October 15, 2019


  July 2096, the Kudo clan have managed to create androids powered by parasites. In order to test these weapons, they decided to place these androids as obstacles in the Steeplechase event of the Nine Schools Competition. Aware of the dangers these weapons would pose to Miyuki, Tatsuya infiltrates and neutralizes the androids before the other players arrive. Behind the scenes, Zhou attempts to sabotage the parasites to discredit magicians as a way to denounce the Yotsuba; fed up with his actions, the Yotsuba begin their manhunt for him.


  Ancient City Insurrection Arc (I)

  September 10, 2014


  December 31, 2019


  September 2096, Tatsuya is “requested” to participate in the hunt for Zhou by his aunt Maya Yotsuba. Several clues reveal Zhou is hidden by the magicians. Tatsuya requests aid from the Kudo clan who are knowledgeable about the traditionalist. Led by Minoru Kudo, Tatsuya’s group confronts the traditionalists in Nara but are unable to find Zhou, leaving Kyoto as the remaining location. Meanwhile, the Saegusa head sends an assassin to kill Zhou in order to destroy any evidence of their coalition. The assassin is killed instead, spurring Mayumi to request Tatsuya’s aid in finding his killer.


  Ancient City Insurrection Arc (II)

  January 10, 2015


  April 7, 2020


  Tatsuya and his companions investigate Zhou’s whereabouts in Kyoto and eventually catch and corner him. Zhou then commits suicide, proclaiming someone else will resume his duties. Tatsuya’s success forces members of the Yotsuba who despise him to allow Maya to proceed with her plans.


  Yotsuba Succession Arc

  May 9, 2015


  April 27, 2021


  December 2096, Miyuki is summoned to the Yotsuba New Years meeting to commemorate her as the next head of the clan. Several bunke members of the clan attempt to derail Miyuki’s attendance as her succession will elevate Tatsuya’s status. Upon their arrival, Miyuki is appointed as the next head, and the origins of Tatsuya and Miyuki’s birth is revealed. While they are born from the same gametes, Miyuki was genetically modified to act as a seal to his powers. In the next meeting, Maya announces Tatsuya’s engagement to Miyuki.


  Master Clans Council Arc (I)

  August 8, 2015


  September 14, 2021


  January 2097, Tatsuya and Miyuki adjust to their daily life as their ties to the Yotsuba and engagement have become public knowledge. Meanwhile, a meeting between the master clans take place where they discuss three topics: possible members of the master clan, Tatsuya and Miyuki’s marriage, and Saegusa’s coalition with the deceased Zhou. Jiedo Heigu, the leader of the organized crime group and Zhou’s boss, initiates several bombings against the master clans in order to discredit the magic community.


  Master Clans Council Arc (II)

  November 10, 2015


  January 18, 2022


  Jiedo’s plan succeeds, inciting several hate crimes towards magicians throughout the world. The master clans makes plans to quell public outrage as well as attempts to capture Jiedo. The volume ends with Miyuki and her friends defending themselves against a group of anti-magicians.


  Master Clans Council Arc (III)

  March 10, 2016


  May 24, 2022


  Tatsuya arrives and neutralizes the anti-magician group. With Miyuki by his side, Tatsuya uses his full powers to search for Jiedo and relay the location to the Yotsuba. The master clans then assemble a unit to capture Jiedo, who is instead killed by the USNA during the mission.


  South Sea Riot Arc

  September 10, 2016


  September 20, 2022


  March 2097, Japan has recently completed an artificial island in Okinawa to mine resources from the ocean. In response, a rebellion cell from the Great Asian Alliance and the Australian military work together to destroy the island in order to keep the world’s power in check. The Yotsuba send Tatsuya to pacify the saboteurs and to protect the island. At the same time, the senior class of First High’s graduation party is taking place nearby. As the attack on the island commences, members of First High and Tatsuya quell and capture the rebels.


  Prologue of Disturbance Arc (I)

  February 10, 2017




  Late March 2097, the Brazilian government’s utilization of their strategic magician creates chaos and fear to non-magicians throughout the world, causing a political to take place. The New Soviet Union mounts an attack on Japan’s navy, forcing Tatsuya to intervene. As tensions between the world’s superpowers rise, the USNA and New Soviet Union make plans to neutralize Tatsuya.


  Prologue of Disturbance Arc (II)

  June 9, 2017




  The Tooyama clan, a magician branch loyal to the government, evaluate Tatsuya as a threat. Several black ops led by Tsukasa Tooyama are used to assess Tatsuya’s abilities and to determine a countermeasure should he become an enemy of the country. In retaliation, Tatsuya is ordered by Maya to break into the Tooyama stronghold and to free the captured USNA soldiers based within Japan; he succeeds and Tooyama ends her operations, having discovered the Jumonji clan can stop Tatsuya.


  Isolation Arc (Late April 2097)

  August 10, 2017





  Escape Arc (I)

  March 10, 2018





  Escape Arc (II)

  April 10, 2018





  Invasion Arc

  August 10, 2018





  Sudden Change Arc

  November 10, 2018





  Pursuit Chapter (I)

  April 10, 2019





  Pursuit Chapter (II)

  June 8, 2019





  Rescue Chapter

  September 10, 2019





  Future Chapter

  April 10, 2020





  Sacrifice/Graduation Chapter

  September 10, 2020




fake credit card visa number the irregular at magic high school